Employee Commitment to HSSE Values

Buckeye’s goal is to reduce health, safety, security, and environmental (HSSE) risks by promoting responsible work practiced, thereby preventing HSSE-related incidents. Because attaining that important goal is impossible without your help, we ask you to commit to the following value:

  • Support health, safety, security, and environmental initiatives.
  • Recognize that no job is so urgent that it requires comprising safety or environmental compliance and afree to immediately stop any operation or task this is unsafe or creates a potential environmental risk.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring your personal safety and the safety of others and accept safe work performance, safe behavior, and compliance with all safety rules as a condition of employment.
  • Take responsibility for maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring that environmentally-sound practices are employed to minimize the potential for environmental incidents.
  • Comply with the Company’s commitment to continuous improvement of asset integrity programs in an effort to minimize waste and pollution.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring the physical security of our assets and immediately report suspicious activity in and around our facilities.
  • Uphold management’s commitment to provide the necessary resources and support for the Companny’s health, safety, security, and environmental initiatives.

The safety of our employees, security of our assets, and protection of the environment are the cornerstones of our Corporate values. The commitment of all employees to these ideals positions us to be a Best-in-Class organization.