Critical Safety Rules

Understanding and applying all health, safety, security and environment operating procedures are requirements to work at Buckeye Partners, LP locations. Critical Safety Rules exist to ensure that everyone who works at Buckeye goes home safely. Failure to work safely and follow Buckeye’s procedures in accordance with these minimum expectations can result in disciplinary action.

While every task must be evaluated to identify hazards and risks, certain tasks performed incorrectly have a higher probability of serious injury or fatality. As employees and contractors, we will…

  1. Work with a valid work permit when required.
  2. Conduct atmospheric gas testing when required.
  3. Verify Lockout/Tagout isolation of systems before work begins.
  4. Use of the required personal protective equipment at all times.
  5. Obtain authorization before entering a permit-required confine spaces.
  6. Obtain authorization before overriding or disabling safety critical equipment.
  7. Use Fall Protection equipment when working at heights in excess of 5 feet.
  8. Adhere to the Company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy at all times.
  9. While driving on company property or in company vehicles, obey all traffic laws, and no cellular phone or electronic device usage.
  10. Strictly adhere to the Company’s Management of Change (MOC) Policy at all times.