About GMT


We entered into the marine terminal business to use our independent service provider business model and existing core competencies and capabilities in liquid petroleum product storage, handling and transportation to address the unique problems facing customers with marine terminal logistics needs.  We take a collaborative approach to working with our customers and pride ourselves on our problem solving, continuous improvement, and relentless focus on safe, reliable operations. Our goal is to connect our customers to the global market.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and assets touch global commodity flows transiting the Atlantic region and Panama Canal through our preeminent Western Hemisphere footprint in the Caribbean Basin, New York Harbor and Texas Gulf Coast.  Every day we facilitate critical energy commodity movements for our global customer base and ensure that we are a trusted, reliable, efficient component of their supply chains.

Long lasting customer relationships are core to our business. We continually seek out new opportunities to expand our service offerings as well as optimize infrastructure to maximize customer utilization.



History of Global Marine Terminals

2010 –  Buckeye began its expansion beyond the continental United States with the acquisition of its Yabucoa terminal in Puerto Rico. This transaction represented an important step in Buckeye’s growth objectives. It provided geographic diversity with strong local demand and potential regional growth opportunities.

2011 – The purchase of the Bahamas Hub facility further expanded Buckeye’s international footprint. This acquisition allowed Buckeye to grow its market reach by adding a global logistics hub to its portfolio of assets. Located just 80 miles from the Florida coast and 800 miles from the New York Harbor, Bahamas Hub allowed Buckeye to offer an increased variety of services to customers at a world class facility.

2012 – Buckeye continued its diversification into marine terminals with the acquisition of its Perth Amboy terminal. Strategically located in the New York Harbor, Perth Amboy gave Buckeye’s customers further accessibility to Buckeye’s domestic network of assets.

2013 – Acquisition of three terminals located in the New York Harbor and Caribbean expanded Buckeye’s presence in two strategic regions. The New York Harbor terminals located in Port Reading and Raritan Bay would further supplement product movement in and out of the harbor. The significant storage capacity at the St. Lucia terminal would provide Buckeye’s customers additional storage capacity within the Caribbean region.

2014 – Buckeye expanded its network of marine midstream assets by acquiring a controlling interest in a company with assets located in Corpus Christi, Texas and the Eagle Ford Shale. These assets provided Buckeye with a footprint in the Gulf Coast region and the opportunity for further build-out to support the Eagle Ford and Corpus Christi markets.

2016 – Buckeye expanded its international footprint through acquisition of a 50% equity interest in VTTI B.V., which owns and operates a system of marine terminals across the globe.  These marine terminals are predominately located in key global energy hubs – including Northwest Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.