Gulf Coast

Buckeye Texas Partners represents an expansion into the Gulf Coast in partnership with Trafigura AG. The joint venture includes five locations, Buckeye Texas Hub, Buckeye Texas Processing and Buckeye Field Services with the following services:
  • Aframax-capable draft up to 45 feet and 5 vessel berths, extensive truck and rail access, and significant tankage expansion underway
  • 50,000 barrels of condensate splitting capacity
  • Cuts of hydrocarbons including LPGs, light and heavy naphthas, kerosene, diesel, and atmospheric tower bottoms, with logical end markets both locally and internationally
  • Export opportunities to Latin America, Asia, and the Caribbean
  • Crude oil and condensate either by truck or gathering pipeline, for shipping to the Buckeye Texas Processing and Buckeye Texas Hub locations via the ETC Rio Bravo and Plains pipelines